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Varramore Partners launches Conformité

It is with great pleasure that Varramore Partners (“Varramore”) announces the launch of its new Investment Services Platform (“ISP”), Conformité (French for “Compliance”). Combining technological innovation with industry expertise, Conformité encompasses Varramore’s three core services – Regulatory Hosting, Governance Risk & Compliance and Accounting Finance & Tax – in one offering that is delivered through a cloud-based platform run and operated using Microsoft SharePoint.

Conformité enables boutique investment firms, and individual investment professionals, to carry out their regulated investment activities as an Appointed Representative ("AR") of Varramore while also giving them access to institutional-quality regulatory, compliance, accounting, finance and tax infrastructure. Conformité, which is administered by Varramore's Senior Team, provides an interface for communicating information between Varramore and its ARs, calendars, task management tools, policies and procedures, risk assessments, training libraries and request/notification forms. It has robust record-keeping functionality and benefits from the operational resilience and data security capabilities of Microsoft 365.

Conformité is an ideal solution for investment advisors (including hedge fund and private equity/venture capital advisors), corporate finance advisors, investment research providers, third-party marketing firms and private placement agents, amongst others. Using Conformité, Varramore's ARs are able to carry out their regulated investment activities with confidence, knowing that their regulatory, compliance, accounting, finance and tax needs are being managed to the highest standards by experienced professionals using best-in-class technology.

Sundip Bhogal, Managing Director, commented: “We are extremely excited about the launch of Conformité which, while reducing operating costs for our clients simultaneously improves their operational efficiency. From a pure cost perspective, blending our Regulatory Hosting, Governance Risk & Compliance and Accounting Finance & Tax services into one offering is significantly more competitive when compared to most directly FCA-authorised investment firms with in-house or outsourced expertise in areas such as compliance, finance and tax.”

Gerard O’Brien, Managing Director, added: “Today’s announcement is a huge milestone for Varramore. We believe that Conformité has the ability to make boutique investment firms more robust, more institutional and, ultimately, more competitive. Conformité will give our clients a real edge in the market. On the one hand, their small size means they will remain agile and responsive – which is hugely important in today’s world – but, on the other hand, the use of Conformité means they are supported by institutional quality operational infrastructure usually associated with much larger investment firms and financial institutions.”

You can download this Press Release here.

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About Varramore

Varramore is a boutique professional service provider offering a range of bespoke services to investment firms that are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), seeking to become authorised and regulated by the FCA or wishing to carry out regulated activities as an Appointed Representative (“AR”) of a firm that is authorised and regulated by the FCA. Varramore combines in-house investment sector experience with consulting practice knowledge to provide clients with a “best of both” service. In addition to possessing extensive experience in the areas of regulatory hosting, governance, risk, compliance, accounting, finance and tax, Varramore understands how investment firms operate on a day-to-day basis. This combination allows Varramore to deliver practical, pragmatic and proportionate services to our clients in a manner that adds values and improves operational efficiency.

Varramore was established in 2016 and is headquartered in London.

General Enquiries and Media Contact

Kathleen O’Brien

0203 6375 602

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