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Varramore Partners' 12-month review

Varramore Partners has recently marked its 2nd anniversary as an FCA-authorised firm. We look back at our achievements over this 12-month period.

In our 2nd year as an FCA-authorised firm, we continued to focus on organically growing our Investment Services Platform, Conformité, which combines our three core services – Regulatory Hosting, Governance Risk & Compliance and Accounting Finance & Tax. We became a business partner to a number of new investment firms who, under our regulatory hosting umbrella, have become our Appointed Representatives (“ARs”). These ARs act as investment advisors, venture capital fund advisors, fund distributors and corporate finance advisors. We have also helped many of our existing consulting clients (i.e., investment firms that are authorised and regulated by the FCA) to navigate the implementation of the UK’s Investment Firm Prudential Regime which represented a major shift in the prudential requirements for many small- and medium-sized investment firms.

In addition, during the past 12 months, we have engaged with trade associations, industry peers, regulators and government agencies in an effort to help shape the short- and long-term future of the UK’s Appointed Representative Regime (“AR Regime”). We believe that the AR Regime offers many benefits to consumers, regulators, market participants and investment firms (particularly, start-ups and boutiques). As such, it is essential that the AR Regime functions well by protecting consumers, encouraging innovation and promoting healthy competition.

Sundip Bhogal, Managing Director, reflected on our 2nd year: “Over the past 12 months, we have continuously delivered high-quality services to our existing clients and, in multiple cases, have been engaged to provide additional services. Furthermore, we have overseen further organic growth of our business - in particular, our Investment Services Platform, Conformité. We endeavour to continuously improve as a business partner to our clients and the past year has been no different – for example, we’ve made further enhancements to our in-house compliance management system and have become subject-matter-experts on how the UK’s new Investment Firm Prudential Regime impacts small- to medium-sized investment firms. We remain committed to delivering practical, pragmatic and proportionate services to our clients – new and existing - in a manner that adds value and improves operational efficiency. Our clients are core to the success of our business; therefore, another successful 12 months has only been achievable through their continued support and trust in our ability to deliver services of the highest quality.”

Please see our infographic for some of our highlights during our 2nd year as an FCA-authorised firm.

About Varramore

Varramore is a boutique professional service provider offering a range of bespoke services to investment firms that are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), seeking to become authorised and regulated by the FCA or wishing to carry out regulated activities as an Appointed Representative (“AR”) of a firm that is authorised and regulated by the FCA. Varramore combines in-house investment sector experience with consulting practice knowledge to provide clients with a “best of both” service. In addition to possessing extensive experience in the areas of regulatory hosting, governance, risk, compliance, accounting, finance and tax, Varramore understands how investment firms operate on a day-to-day basis. This combination allows Varramore to deliver practical, pragmatic and proportionate services to our clients in a manner that adds values and improves operational efficiency.

Varramore was established in 2016 and is headquartered in London.

General Enquiries and Media Contact

Kathleen O’Brien

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