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Varramore Partners becomes Authorised & Regulated by the FCA

Varramore Partners (“Varramore”) is delighted to announce that it has become authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). This FCA-authorisation permits Varramore – or an Appointed Representative (“AR”) of Varramore – to carry out a range of regulated activities including, but not limited to, investment advisory, arranging deals in investments and arranging the safeguarding and administration of assets.

Obtaining FCA-authorisation enables Varramore to provide regulatory hosting services to investment firms. An eligible investment firm can become an AR of Varramore and, under our regulatory umbrella, conduct a range of regulated activities without the need to become directly authorised and regulated by the FCA themselves. Being an AR of Varramore can help investment firms reduce costs, effectively manage regulatory risks, improve operational infrastructure and, consequently, attract clients. These regulatory hosting services are ideally suited to boutique investment firms operating as investment advisors, corporate finance advisors, hedge fund advisors, private equity/venture capital advisors, investment research providers, third-party marketing firms and placement agents.

Sundip Bhogal, Managing Director, commented: “This is an extremely important milestone for Varramore and a huge step in our evolution from a consulting-only business to a multi-professional service provider. By obtaining FCA-authorisation, we are now able to partner with boutique investment firms and offer them a value-adding regulatory hosting service that, simultaneously, reduces their cost base and enhances their operational efficiency.”

Gerard O’Brien, Managing Director, added: “We’re very excited to become FCA-authorised and to be able to offer regulatory hosting services to clients. Regulatory hosting is a great option for boutique investment firms wishing to operate a lean and nimble business model without compromising on the effectiveness of their regulatory infrastructure. In today’s world, the latter is, of course, non-negotiable from the regulator’s perspective but, also, is essential for clients.”

Download this Press Release here.

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About Varramore

Varramore is a boutique professional service provider offering a range bespoke services to investment firms that are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), seeking to become authorised and regulated by the FCA or wishing to carry out regulated activities as an Appointed Representative (“AR”) of a firm that is authorised and regulated by the FCA. Varramore combines in-house investment sector experience with consulting practice knowledge to provide clients with a “best of both” service. In addition to possessing extensive experience in the areas of regulatory hosting, governance, risk, compliance, accounting, finance and tax, Varramore understands how investment firms operate on a day-to-day basis. This combination allows Varramore to deliver practical, pragmatic and proportionate services to our clients in a manner that adds values and improves operational efficiency.

Varramore was established in 2016 and is headquartered in London.

General Enquiries and Media Contact

Kathleen O’Brien

0203 6375 602

Practical. Pragmatic. Proportionate.


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